ICH SEH DAS SO. ICH SEH DAS SO.: Lost and Found.


Lost and Found.

Photo: Photocase.de, Editing: Carolin Weinkopf
Photographer: Cydonna.

When I got notice I won a trip to Norway I had to fill in a form telling about myself and giving my personal data. This is what I wrote when I was asked to describe myself in just a few words:

"I can be extremely enthusiastic and quite courageous to push my limits, am very social and love huge discussions. There are just a few things I'm really scared of, but big crowds in little space give me panic attacks, also I'm not that into big and hairy spiders. I'm chaotic and sometimes a bit clumsy!"

I will put emphasis on the last sentence, as I can tell you this:
. I lost my battery grip and 2nd battery in the hotel on day two.
. I lost all my lenscaps during days zero to ten.
(edit). I lost my bikini at the spa on day three.
. I lost my cosmetics bag in the hotel on day ten.
. I lost my computer going through security in Alta on day ten.
. I lost my camera on the plane on day ten going home.

Bam! How chaotic could I possibly be? Luckily I can say I got almost all my stuff back, Norwegians seem to be a very honest and trustworthy crowd. I love them.

Concerning clumsiness you would just need to take a look at my body. I have around 15 dark blueish to red to black bruises all over. But that's another story to be told.

Beate, my favorite Norwegian sending me all my stuff back, just recently invented a new nickname for my whole chaos: Carolin Susekopp.

Isabell (guest) - Wed Mar 2, 13:07


That makes you very winsome. xxx

virtualmono - Sat Mar 5, 01:22

Wow... I simply wonder how you could lose the laptop and the camera - I mean, they're both rather large items and represent some value, and to be honest: I never leave my MacBook *anywhere* (not even in the car when I jump out for grocery shopping for just a few minutes) cause when it's gone, there's quite a bit more gone (at least the current works). Anyway - I believe that's a typical "Frauending"... when my favorite /female) workmate recently told me she sometimes forgets her laptop at home when coming to the office, I could not believe that either... Glad you got everything back though ;-)

careaux - Sat Mar 5, 15:24


You are absolutely right.

I'm usually VERY paranoid. I always double check if everything is locked and I would never leave anything of value anywhere... though I was completely exhausted from 11 days of traveling all around, never staying anywhere for more than one night, always having to pack in a rush and having people wait for you.

At the security check you HAVE to give your laptop away for a slight second and because I had so many little things to pack back together I just left the whole bag with the laptop... hm. Marta realized right away and brought it back to me.

The camera was sitting on my lab the whole flight, even when I was sleeping, I only put it down when I was getting all my stuff from the storage above my head and I must have left it on the seat. I only realized half an hour later sitting on the train to downtown Oslo. I freaked!
careaux - Sat Mar 5, 16:09


Oh, and I forgot:
. I lost my bikini at the spa on day three. This, I did not get back...

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